Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 3 Week 7 Returns us to Catty Corner for another weekly challenge. This time you will have to find pellets of wool. It is a rather random challenge because this season does not have the thematic links between the challenges and skins to unlock last season. In any case, it’s free XP for a fairly simple challenge.

Just find three balls of wool in total, but we found four for you, just to try to cover all angles. You will have to pay attention to the men of hand, to other players and of course kit, which roams in this area with his mythic charge pump rifle, waiting for a chance to ruin your match.

Pelotte de Wool 1

The first pelota of wool is at the bottom of the steps that lead to the second floor of the gas station.

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Woolen ball 2

The second pelota of wool is in the room above the gas station. You will need a man of hand to scan to open the door.

Pelotte de Wool 3

The third pelotte of wool is in the open air just above the vault.

Pelotte de Wool 4

The fourth pitch of wool is on the giant cat tree next to the vault.

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