If you try to hide in Fortnite Secret Passages, we have the locations of all special toilets and garbage containers

Launch Toilets with the Grab-itron (2) - Fortnite Week 9 Epic Quest

According to the espionage theme, which was introduced with the new season, Fortnite Secret Passages are now under the map. These are hidden in normal-looking toilets or garbage containers all over the island, which will make them a magical way to another place when they hide in it. So if you know which tunnels are connected, you can check the three, which you need for one of the Fortnite Brutus. Briefing challenges rather sooner than later.

Everywhere on the map you can see toilets and garbage containers in which they can hide to dodge enemy players. As already mentioned, some also act as teleports and bring them to another toilet or a garbage container nearby. Most of them are in both directions, but some are just in one direction – and figure out which that is, half fun. In Fortnite you will find rendered toilets and garbage containers across the island, which are mainly located near the various agent bases and the safe houses of Ghost or Shadow. However, be warned: The Fortnite Secret Passages are only active in normal games and can therefore not be used Team Rumble- or creative modes to make life easier. In this sense, start a solo, duos or squad match and then go to one of these areas on the map to pick up the challenge.