Magic: The Gathering, lately, has encountered a great success by introducing other properties in his game. The most recent set: adventures in the forgotten kingdoms, was a version of the main set on the theme of dungeons & Dragons, and there was also a selection of exclusive secret lair drops online only with characters from The Walking Dead. Extensions for the Lord of the Rings and Warhammer 40k are already on the horizon, and now, two new drops Secret LAIR are on the way: one on the theme of Street Fighter and one for Fortnite.

Although the details about what the cards do are not yet revealed, we know that the Chun-Li card has a multikicker capability – where players can repeat a cost to get multiple instances of a bonus effect . Given the character’s fight style, it’s just deliciously on the theme.

While receiving revelations of the D & D and Lord of the Rings extensions for Magic excited fans, Warhammer’s revelations and Walking Dead were not so warm. Many players lamented the idea of ​​unique and non-magical mechanical cards breaking the fantastic aesthetic of the game – especially when these cards are an exclusive exit timed, as was the case for the fall of The Walking Dead. Wizards said these cards will not be mechanically unique forever, but so far, we have not yet seen this promise materialize. And with the Street Fighter extension also opting for the mechanically unique route, we are likely to see a repetition. This path is the one that the strong extension will not take, however – these cards will be reprints of magic cards: The Gathering existing with illustrations on the theme of Fortnite, so that the players will not feel the need to add the Fortis casting to their decks if they do not want.

Obviously, the Walking Dead extension has been sufficiently successful financially to be repeated. And since this Magic Showcase event also revealed a lot of new basic sets, we may be able to see mechanically identical maps appear in the near future. But be it a solid prediction or wishful thinking remains to be seen – the only way to know it with certainty is to wait and see.

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