Pyschonauts 2 has just been released directly for the Xbox Game Pass, and we have the full list of secret successes of Psychonauts 2 for you here. With a total of 57 successes this seems to be a fairly simple conclusion, but it will be much easier if the secret achievements are revealed. While most of them are secret, to avoid spoilers, einer this secret achievement is story related and can therefore be very easily overlooked.

Of the 57 achievements are secret 20th All descriptions are revealed below, then the remaining 37 achievements are listed so that you can display in your Xbox Guide list easier than. Your Gamerscore values ​​are also listed next to it.

Psychonauts 2 Secret Achievements

  • Employee of the Year! (15G)
    Navigated Lobotos Labyrinth
  • mentee fresh (15G)
    Have your first order received
  • EVERYBODY hates socks with sandals (15G)
    Connection in Hollis’ classroom made
  • Know when to fold them must (15G)
    Turn the Luctopus from
  • High Roller revelations (15G)
    Cooled Hollis’ Hot Streak
  • young at heart (15G)
    Visited the collective unconscious
  • Healthy in the diaphragm (15G)
    Repaired Ford fracture
  • Ramm it down (15G)
    Plated Compton’s Cookoff
  • feast for the senses (15G)
    PSI King’s sensorium completed
  • Just off (15G)
    Ford’s treated follicles
  • Perfect Game (15G)
    Bowled Strike City
  • For Cover (15G)
    Delivered Cruller correspondence
  • Buried Memories (15G)
    raided the grave of the shark
  • The relics space (15G)
    discovered the Astralathe
  • Archetypal victory (15G)
    Scanned Cassie’s Collection
  • Bob’s your uncle (15G)
    Empty bottles Bobs
  • Shredded family (15G)
    Soothed Lucrecia’s suit
  • Deluginistische darkness (15G)
    Haunted patriotic follies
  • Finish what was started (70G)
    dissolved the deluge of Grulovia
  • Let it stop! (15G)
    Broke all three gramophones in Fatherland Follies

Other successes

  • Home Run (15G)
    The Family Camp found
  • family is in tents (15G)
    Dion has helped in building the Aquatodome
  • dance, baby, dance (15G)
    Completed Queepie Quest
  • Only good mood (15G)
    Gisus Psychoseismometer quest completed
  • A Fungus Among Us (15G)
    completed Lili’s request
  • Keep your shirt on (30G)
    All MISSION CRITICAL ASSETS Psychonauts-looted
  • Associate Intern (15G)
    Rank 2 reaches
  • junior intern (15G)
    Rank 10 reaches
  • Senior Intern (15G)
    Rank 50 reaches
  • main sintering (30G)
    Rank 100 reaches
  • Extra credit (15G)
    Your first badge updated
  • Powerplay (15G)
    A badge fully upgraded
  • Unlimited power! (15G)
    All upgrades purchased
  • safecracker (30G)
    All safes cracked
  • Feigenköpfig (30G)
    All figures found
  • You’re the one! (30G)
    Tagged all Emotional Baggage
  • pin drop (15G)
    Equipped with your first pin
  • pinhead (15G)
    Equipped with three pins simultaneously
  • king pin (30G)
    bought all pins
  • hiccups in dizziness (15G)
    Have your mental energy recovered with a Dream Fluff
  • PSI roll (15G)
    Upgrade to the Astral Wallet
  • Flusenmutter (15G)
    Maximize Your Dream Fluff capacity
  • King of Pop (15G)
    Maximize your PSI Pop-capacity
  • You Otto in pictures (15G)
    bought all Otto shot filter
  • shutters beetle (15G)
    Took a picture with the Otto shot
  • fine tuning (15G)
    Attuned to a stray thought
  • nest egg (15G)
    Your astral Wallet completely filled
  • Take a Licking (15G)
    A PSI Pop consumed to some mental energy restore
  • core strength (15G)
    Combined PSI cards with a PSI-core at the Otto-Matic
  • Objection! (15G)
    Threw the hammer of a judge back to him
  • TK-O (15G)
    TK threw an object to stun an enemy
  • Duck, Duck, Goose (15G)
    Found the real panic attack during his Phantom attack
  • Shared regret (15G)
    Throwing an anvil of regret on another enemy
  • pyromania (15G)
    made three enemies at once Pyro
  • I’m always there for you, darling! (15G)
    spoken to with Milla in her office
  • I forgot my keys (15G)
    revisited by the Collective Unconscious a brain
  • Making Peace (15G)
    Back where it all began

Psychonauts 2 is available today for PC, Mac, Linux, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S. It is also free with the Xbox Game Pass. * * * * * *