Kawaki is one of the most important characters of _ Boruto _, and that has long we know what your destination will be. In this way, the anime and sleeve of the series have been in charge of revealing how this will happen. Thus, the most recent episode has revealed a little more about the obsession between Kawaki and Naruto .

After events in the anime, the Hokage has decided to formally adopt Kawaki. This has made this character see the paternal figure of him as someone he needs to protect at all costs . However, because Kawaki does not think he had the necessary strength, this will take him on a path that will have a pretty dark outcome for his personality.

Even loved, one of the characters with a somewhat complicated alliance at this time, is surprised by how Kawaki motivations have made this character comet certain acts. Considering that eventually Kawaki and Boruto will face in a destroyed village , it seems that the desire for protecting Naruto will be the eventual decline in madness.

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Via: ComicBook.