The Danish actor is just the best.

Hideo Kojima has always been obsessed by Hollywood, and nowhere is that as obvious as in his latest game. Death Stranding, as it introduced several movie and television actors. Such an actor was the Danish actor, who quickly became one of the largest actors of our time, the amazing Mads Mikkelsen. Although Mikkelsen has less canvas times compared to some other actors, he probably has the greatest influence on his performance. And even more experienced Mocap performers were impressed.

In conversation with VG24 / 7 Motion Capture actor Noshir Dalal said, who has already participated in several large titles, that Mikkelsen really brought it. He asked many questions and wanted to be aware of everything that happened to the recording to provide the best possible performance and tell the best possible story. Dalal was extremely impressed by Mikkelsen.

The guy has demolished the butt. And in a situation like this, because I Motion Capture Seh – Motion Capture is the medium for me, which most likely resembles the theater. It is basically a really highly technological, expensive theater. No matter who is in the band with me, it’s an ensemble process. My job there is to take care of Mads, right? He is the focus there and does everything to ensure that he can focus on what he has to do, and we are covered.

And it’s really fun to watch Mads, process, because he really gave him 110%. He wanted to know every moment what was going on and tell the best possible story. I have learned a lot, just to watch him, it was really cool.

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Mikkelsen is definitely an actor, which has been on the rise for several years and through its main role in the hannibal tv customization. Say what you want from Kojima, but he has a sense of talent. He will also talk about the design philosophy of speak Death Stranding at this year’s GDC we will keep you up to date when new information emerges from it.

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