While the TV show presented by Denis Brogniart remains still popular, the saga Koh-Lanta will again be written in video game. The MICROID publisher had already had one last year, and here it is now formalized: Koh-Lanta: the adventurers will come out on PC and consoles on October 14th.

If the sand is irritating, it will soon be possible to play Koh-Lanta from your living room with Koh-Lanta: the adventurers , the next game developed by Magic Pockets (Ninja Turtles mutant teenage) for microids. It will be a question about winning the trials but also to participate in the life of the shipwriting camp by agreeing to follow its teammates to collect resources.

In the manner of a narrative game, the choices of dialogues with other adventurers will affect their vote during advice. The title will propose a solo campaign, but also a mode up to four players to compete on the most famous issues of the show. Koh-Lanta: Adventurers will be released on October 14 on PC, Nintendo Switch, PS4 and Xbox One, and will also be compatible with PS5 and Xbox Series.