The developers of New World currently publish a series of trailers in which they explain the mysterious world and the history of the MMO. The second part shows the dangers in Slow Motion.

What’s for a video? In Legends of New World: Chapter 2 fight the stranded heroes against scary monsters who have their home on the island of Aernum.

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The entire video is very dark and the fighting runs in Slow Motion, which makes it somehow even threatening.

Paired with the deep voice, the background to the content shown gives, and the music, creates a very gloomy and oppressive mood.

The trailer becomes clear: in New World it is bleak and dangerous. The players must face great dangers and strong monsters.

Which dangers are waiting in the game? Already last week, a video was shown that the Lost’s history goes. These are creatures that are somewhere between the world of living and the dead. You also meet in the first dungeon.

Also recognizable in the trailer are the Ancients, creatures that have been inelum Aesternum for thousands of years.

Two more opponent fractions are the Angry Earth, nature creatures, and the corrupt. The latter is known from many trailers and they meet directly to the start of the game. These are people, animals or other beings that have been spoiled by the dangerous material Azoth.

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New World Himself playing: If you want to go to your own hand to the new MMO, this can do this from the 9th to the 13th of September. There, the Open Beta runs to New World, where you can participate about Steam.

Only a few weeks later, on September 28, the release will take place.