The Local Daily The Straits Times teaches us today that an investigation is currently underway on the side of the French publisher’s Singaporean branch, already largely under the fire of criticism since the revelations of the Libération newspaper last summer, which testified to the toxic practices of several managers protected by their hierarchy.

Am I proud to be a sailor?

Languages ​​also appear to be loosened in the secret industry: after The Fair Employment Department and California Housing Survey on Activision Blizzard , It’s the turn of the Alliance Tripartite for just and progressive employment practices (TAFEP, according to the English acronym) to take an interest in Ubisoft Singapore practices, after receiving several anonymous complaints last month.

In November 2020, the Manager Manager Hugues Ricour was suspended from his duties, and so it is his replacement long Darryl who had to respond to these new accusations, stating that harassment or discrimination did not have their place. Within the structure:

It is very important that we can talk about these topics, and we admit what is happening in our industry right now … we have to start changing the way we are perceived, but also the way we act internally .

According to the law of Singapore, Ubisoft could be condemned for not having denounced these practices to the authorities, so as not to be in a conflict of interest. The case is already corsicated for the studio, which could be recalls the existence of the FAIR consideration framework, a directive that obliges companies domiciled in the small city-state first to use local workers before. To bring abroad , and which could obviously affect the French and other foreigners working there.

While waiting to discover the details of the accusations and the investigation led by the local authorities, remember that if Ubisoft Singapore has just delivered the DLC of Assassin’s Creed Valhalla the seat of Paris, the game of naval battles Skull & Bones is theoretically expected by March 31, 2023. Theoretically.