Capcom and Tezuka Production announced by Ikebukuro PARCO from Ikebukuro PARCO to hold the CAPCOMVS. Tezuka CHARACTERS ” **.

This project has been rebuilt a project held at Takarazuka City Handotsuka Osamu Memorial Memorial as Capcomvs. Tezuka CHARACTERS 2020. Capcom’s Illustration Team and Tezuka Production will illustrate and display each other’s content.

Capcom Illustration Team Draws Ribbon Knights and Astro Boy and Tezuka Prothed The Tsunogai of the manga family was drawn Street Fighter Rockman Illustrations such as are a gem that can not be overlooked if it is a fan.

The holding period is from October 1 to October 18th. Please see the official website for other details.

Capcom vs. Tezuka Certainty Characters’ PARCO FACTORY