When we talk about the characters of League of Legends , we usually focus on their power in general terms. It is a correct approach that allows us to draw fast conclusions about the potential of each of them and the facilities that will give us to achieve victory. However, this perspective means that sometimes we overlook some curious characteristics of the characters. A situation that in this case has awakened us a question: What are the best characters by pulling turrets?

The characters that destroy the most towers in each game

In addition to complying with the noble goal of satisfying our curiosity, knowing this data also allows us to take us a surprise. The simple prediction was to bet by characters that had a great pushing potential divided and more now that Riot Games has timidly enhanced this strategy with the launch of the rompecascus. However, there are some champions like nasus , Tristana or JAX for which we would have bet and stay at the doors to enter on top of the classification.

Taking this into account, the champions that more turrets destroy in each game of League of Legends are the following:

None of the champions is entirely strange. We have a total of four champions intended virtually exclusively to the thrust of waves and the progress alone as they are yorick , trundle , trryndamere and fix . Three of those four also counting with an ever enjoyable mechanics in League of Legends: the potent attacks that apply to the structures. Perhaps it stands out ziggs , which breaks with the statistic logic being (long) the most damage inflicts the structures thanks to its passive (short wick) and, above all, to the w (concentrated load), that Execute below a certain amount of life. However, this crazy bomb is not able to certify as many demolitions as we thought.

Although it is not a key data to place the champions at a Tier List, if you give us some interesting conclusions of how players are developing the style that the developer wanted to empower with them. A situation that does not translate into a victory ratio particularly high in any of the cases , and that makes it see that this statistic is not much less a powerful design key in the current metajame.

It is also particularly interesting to know the opposite data, although it will not be surprising for the players of League of Legends the fact that the worst champions regarding destruction of turrets are the Supports. They stand out in the negative section Rell , YUUMI and maokai .