Movie Games and Playway have announced the latest simulator Referee Simulator of Goat Gamez development.

This work is a simulator who judges various play as a football referee and proceeds with the game. The player will actually stop the game in the whistle while looking at football that AI is doing in ground, and go out with a card with a card. The purpose is to make a match from the league match and finally become the examination of the World Cup.

Players can play playback play directly, and make accurate judges by making full use of their functions. Of course, if it is a little play with the will of the referee, it is also free to miss. In addition, it is an important job with the referee’s own stress and stamina management.

However, if a clear miss judge occurs or the judgment is too long, the audience from the players and the audience will fall. In addition, players will start a large scuffle with the judgment under the player.

Referee Simulator is scheduled to release for PC (STeam).