The Indie Kraft Operations Office announced on June 6, 2021 Indigatical Exhibitors’ participation developers.

Indie Kraft was held online, and this year was opened online from May 26th to 30th. The company selected as an excellent exhibition participation developer is 4 to 4, Indica Baundte, Team Tape, Introduction Studio and Rutletis Studios.

Indica Baundda Retrive launched the ‘Mother Solo’ to deal with the love of the main character in July in July, and Team Tape is a ‘Box It Up! INC. ‘presented.

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Subsequently, the rhinestone Studio is a zombie Apocalypse Worldview, a logicur RPG ‘Metro Blossom’, and Rutlease Studios under Developed a motif of the Barring Princess.

The Indie Kraft Secretariat is achieved a final excellent developer through a performance presentation held in the second half of this year, and conducts related support for the selected enterprise.