The Evening Manager is a reconnaissance book by John le Carré, published in 1993. It is his initial post-Cold War novel, describing an undercover procedure to reduce a significant worldwide arms supplier.

A Senior Community Manager of World of Tanks has surprisingly worn his job. He did not like dealing with a colleague involved in the Scandal Umworld of Warships. In a farewell statement he pulls against his old employer Wargaming neat from the leather.

Who has terminated? Zachary Cabmech Doig was Senior Manager of Community and Events at Wargaming in the field of World of Tanks. He recently announced his termination and also explained in hard words why he could no longer work for Wargaming.

Warships scandal pulls more circles – hard allegations against wargaming

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What lies according to the CM all in Argen? As the main reason for his departure from the company, he gave the in his eyes unfair treatment of the former employee Elias K. Grodin Aka Gniseau013 . He had been sacrificed at the scandal around World of Warships as a scapegoat to pay for the mistakes of employees in higher floors.

In his farewell text, the community manager therefore attracts properly about his former employer from the leather:

I meet this painful decision due to the recent termination of an employee in my team, which I hold for a friendly and competent people. Because of something I personally belongs to an unlawful and incredibly stubborn campaign, with which the leadership of his former team wants to sacrifice him on unfair way as a scapegoat, as they (in my opinion) desperately tries to blame for the most recent incident admit. In my opinion, there is a toxic corporate culture that continues a circulation of serious mistakes that last for at least four years – long before his time in this team and with explanations that are far above his salary class.

The employee concerned has made mistakes and when they asked him to apologize in public, he made this as the honorary man he is. And that, though he was no longer in the appropriate team at that time. Nevertheless, some executives from the team have started a relentless rear room campaign against him, with the aim of releasing him from my team. I can call this behavior only as a fig, despicable and just shit.

Also in the community, the termination of Gnisenau013 is critically seen, as he was probably one of the employees appreciated by the community. Comments like this here can be found at reddit:

It’s really a damn shame that WG has done that. If they were released all those involved, the whole [command] chain up, that would be one thing. But we know that you did not do it and will do it. Because so WG just does not work. For people who should actually improve the game and growing, they seem to be wildly determined to fail.

I hope that Gneiseau013 and other ex-employees have enough information to submit a lawsuit or to write at least a good exposé article.

What was the warships scandal? The case for Gneiseau013, which is mentioned by Cabmech, is the latest scandal to World of Warships. It all took its beginning when the popular streamer and community-contributorin (CC) Littlewhitemouse (LWM) was asked to design its own ship for Canada.

Due to incorrect communication, however, their designs were not taken over and instead developed a completely different ship. As a Littlewhitemouse, therefore, wanted to have an explanation, she was attacked and insulted by Wargaming employees.

That in turn led to their departure from the CC program. Since LWM was very popular, numerous other CCS and Influencer went their way and returned Wargaming also their backs. For their reasons, in addition to dealing with LWM, there were still an unfair monetalization policy of Wargaming in their eyes.

You can read the scandal about World of Warships in detail here.

What are community contributors?
A Community Contributor is a content creator that is preferably treated by Wargaming. Among other things, new ships for testing, free goodies for giveaways and sometimes even invitations on exclusive events. It is a coveted position to which only a few content creators ever have access.

What does Wargaming say? Wargaming apologized to the thing with warships and improved.

For the current thing with Cabmech, we have requested and become directly at Wargaming, as soon as a statement is present, publish this here or in a dedicated article on MeinMMO.

Incidentally, there was an original apology to another scandal from the Warships environment.