SEGA announced in today (10), is scheduled to be launched on September 24th, Due to the Due of the Due : The memory of the annihilation is currently open from the PlayStation Store ( Downloads Click here to this, open the game record to play the beginning of the first chapter, the game record record can be saved to the official version inheritance.

In the experience version, in addition to the incident truth of the incident truth, it is possible to play the unique survey action , such as tracking, physical action, etc. Treatment, chase, etc.

In The Trial of the death: annihilation of memory , Iori will come to a new stage, Yokohama , was supposed to be just a normal court, but because of an event surfaced and become full of mystery revenge drama. When faced with disappeared justice, what is finally discovered in the end of the truth?

Fortnite - Launch Cinematic Trailer

The Dueinth: The Memory of Demonstration is expected to be available in PS4 / PS5, Xbox One / Xbox Series (Xbox only) on September 24th. More detailed information shows [Official Website].