On Wednesday, the Jahn had begun the intensive preparation for the guest performance in the Rhineland. We raised the pace well so that we can put the focus tomorrow on the tactical area, let Scott Kennedy know on the club‘s own website.

Whether the defender who was absolute tribal force to the Bavarian duel, but was beaten back after the country tour and did not belong to the squad against the club, return to the starting eleven? Fit and ready, the 24-year-old feels like.

Boukhalfa threatens to fault

Coach Mersad Selimbegovic can thus count on the Canadian national player, but may need to do without Carlo Boukhalfa. The midfielder has drawn against the FCN a nasal leg. Certainly not be there is still David Otto (hook injury).

We want to win every game, that’s our goal.

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Scott Kennedy

The fact that the SSV also points to the Fortuna, no rather intends to receive the next threesome, the announcement of Kennedy: We want to win every game, that’s our goal. Better the currently very wide chest of the table guide can not be packed in words, even if the central defender then relativizes: But we also know how well the opponent is.

Record garter of the 2nd league: Terodde moves treasure cutter on the pell