This September 21 brand the kickoff of a new wave of people s contents and especially the appearance of Sangomiya Kokomi, the small last of a very large family.

One year only after the exit of Genhin Impact , we have already ceased to count the number of characters made available by Mihoyo. But until proven the contrary, the community is far from getting tired and continues to try the vows lottery, a system that is today the richness of the Chinese studio. Sangomiya Kokomi is of course present in the new quest for history, named Dracaena Somnolenta , but to integrate it into his team it will always have to have the gods of the gacha on his side.

The divine priestess of the island of Watatsumi, which despite its appearances of small princess of the seas turns out to be a brilliant military strategist, is entitled to his three videos of presentation, one who details long details the skills and characteristics of His five star gameplay. A simple look was enough to understand it, Kokomi is linked to the Hydro element, so much else that his presence in the team will reduce endurance consumption during swimming, history of avoiding some badly badly calculated.

For music lovers who are not already part of the 4 million subscribers to the Mihoyo YouTube channel, let s report the online release of the Inazuma combat theme, with its procession of traditional Japanese instruments (Shamisen, Koto , Shakuhachi and Taiko), always according to a composition of Yu-Peng Chen.