Coach Doc Rivers wants to convince his star player Ben Simmons despite his strike and break with the Philadelphia 76ers from a whereabouts.

I hope we can move him to rethink, said Rivers at espn on Wednesday. On Tuesday, it became known that Simmons will not appear after his trade demand for the start of the Sixers training camp and never wants to play for the franchise.

The break between the 25-year-old and Philly had its origin in the defeat of the Sixers in Game 7 against the Atlanta Hawks in the second round of playoffs. In that game, Simmons had denied a completely open dunk and rather passed the ball instead.

A symbolic scene for Simmons weak performance against the Underdog from Atlanta. 8, 6 and 5 points he achieved in the last three games merely against the Hawks and took in Game 7 just four litters. He then harvested sharp criticism, indirectly from team-kollege Joel Embid and very directly from Coach Rivers, who in publicly questioned whether Simmons could be the Point Guard of a Championship team ( I have no answer ).

In this regard, however, he had been misunderstood, Rivers said now against espn . His statements would have been independent and misinterpreted. This creates stories, that makes our job damn hard, rivers are rivers: I just wanted to say that I did not answer this question now. That had nothing to do with Ben.

However, after his statement was criticized as criticism of Simmons by the media world, he convened a press conference on the following day to clarify his statements. From espn asked again if Simmons play for him and get a title, Rivers Simmons even compared with Hall-of-Famern like Denis Rodman or Ben Wallace.

Sixers coach Rivers compares Simmons with Hall-of-Famern

Of course he can do that. At any time, he does so many things right. Wallace and Rodman have helped their teams to titles, Hall-of-Fame careers laid – without they were big scorer, said Rivers, I think, That ben can do much more points, but that does not make him a great player. These are other things he does.

Rivers referred in this regard that Simmons against Atlanta in Game 7 had only 5 points, but also 8 rebounds and 13 assists recorded. In addition, Simmons Hawks-Star Trae Young had held out of the field at only 5 out of 23 tries.

We forget how he releases the boys and what pressure he exercises on defenses with his athletics and its speed, rivers warned in the discussion about the offensive productivity of Simmons: Yes, there are things we need to work and can work But we can absolutely win with him. Sixers have already traded in this regard and engaged in a shooting coach and a free throw coach, as rivers revealed. From the line, Simmons hits in his career only Magere 59.7 percent.

Rivers also confirmed that he had had contact with Simmons. Not much, but a little bit, he said, I understand how he feels. We try to work on it.

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