Antonio Di Salvo (birthed 5 June 1979) is a German football supervisor and also previous forward. He is the manager of the Germany U21 national team.

The schedule is staked. Especially on October 1, Antonio di Salvo will for the first time as a head coach will make the nomination of the U-21 squad. Six days later and five days before the match in Hungary, Di Salvo may celebrate its debut against Israel in his birth and hometown Paderborn. These are stories that writes the football so, 42-year-old said on Friday in his digital approach press conference and is looking forward to a special game with a lot of support from family and friends.

Basically, DI Salvo wants to continue the success story (EM Title 2017 and 2021, EM Final 2019) started under his previous boss and predecessor Stefan Kuntz and put on proven. There is no reason to change something. We were extremely successful, have a lot of discussion in the coaching team and always made common decisions. That made Stefan excellently, we were well involved. I want to continue this path – with my own style my approach and my personality.

In the view of football there are many similarities to Kuntz, so Salvo, but the example meadow is more restrained than his previous boss, no extroverted frontman like Kuntz. So especially in the speech to the players, in coaching at the sideline and in the media accompaniment differences. I will tell my own stories, with other word choice and another humor, Stressed Di Salvo.

Our goal is always to develop coaches.

Joti Chatziallexiou, sporty director national teams

The ex-striker is quickly advised on the DFB decision-making level as a A solution in the focus, revealed Joti Chatziallexiou, sporty director national teams: Our goal is always to develop coaches. We have been working with Toni since 2013 and have also Much invested in him. About further education, hospitals and his co-trainer jobs at the U 19 and U 21, he generated a lot of knowledge, which, of course, to the entire German football system and last, of course, especially the U 21 has come. Chatziallexiou praised Di Salvos enemy analyzes and speeches. For some time, a chief trainer role in the DFB for di Salvo as a next step had been considered, the carriage after the Kuntz outlet is the logical consequence for us .

A Next So in the best sense

This is also the good ratio di Salvos to the coaching team of the a national team. Assistant Marcus Sorg was to the Salvo s DFB entry of whose head coaches at the U 19 and national coach Hansi Flick provided 2016 as then sports director for the carriage of the former striker to the U 21. Good conditions for a smooth communication between the two most important men s teams in the association . Chatziallexiou is also convinced that Di Salvo has the special spirit in the U 21 survival.

So it s supposed to be a way in the best sense – with some other accents. So nominell is the new co-trainer Hermann Gerland the one-to-one replacement for Kuntz in the U-21 coach team and, like the new Turkish national coach, brings us the element of experience. The obligation of the long-standing Bayern Assistant is a real happiness for the DFB. It would have been stupid not to ask him, Chatziallexiou said, from the response of the root to the corresponding request: It is significant that Hermann wanted to say that he wants to return a total of the football and pursue animal, again to work with the top talents in the U 21. This shows its modesty and attitude to the task and how it is as a human and type.

Gerland has cooperated with numerous top coaches such as Heynckes, Guardiola, Van Gaal, Ancelotti and last flick and can therefore act according to Chatziallexiou as Mentor in the coach team and accompany Toni on his way . The exchange with Gerland is also a huge added value for all other U coaches.

Prank praises very stable factor Gerland

Praise for this commitment is also available from the service elderly coach of the Bundesliga, Freiburg Christian Streich: It s great when Hermann is there. He is a total authority and was a very stable factor for the Bayern for years, has totally well received. Di Salvo, who was actively active in 2001 under the Trainer Gerland as a player at the Bayern amateurs, is looking forward to a different look at soccer as well as the direct, open and honest way, with the Gerland things sometimes talking differently.

There will certainly not be lack of plain text within the new U-21 coaching team. Although Di Salvo is convinced of it shows that there will not be too much cause for criticism in the future, or despite the many successes in the Kuntz era not too much burden on his shoulders: Since I already already part of the team was, the pressure is not quite as big. I give my best and I m very confident that it will be successful.