Continuing with our interview with the developers of Diablo 2 Resurrected, where we talked about the changes they implemented due to the 20 years of difference between this title and the original, now we share what they answered about a more specified question: Is it more Complicated Make a remastery of a highly acclaimed title, or a completely new game?

They are equally complicated, but in very different ways. Robert Gallerani According to Dustin King , artistic subdirector of the title, both projects come with their respective challenges. If you start from scratch, you have the ability to explore and create many new things, but King mentions, that this can also result in a lot of stress for developers.

With the remasters, however, you have an additional pressure from a community that already exists, King said. People are expecting something from your game, it is difficult to decide which of the 2 projects is more complicated to do, but I would say they are equally complicated .

Robert Gallerani , the design director, agrees with King s opinion, and added his own comment. They are equally complicated, but in very different ways, Diablo 2 is a great example, because we have to go far to please people.

Gallerani continued: The community knows what he wants, because they already played it for 20 years, so we not only have to fulfill the expectations, but have to beat them .

Diablo 2 resurrected is now available, and we already played it. You can take a look at our analysis, in case you are interested in getting it.