Twitter is an American microblogging and also social networking service on which users publish and also connect with messages called tweets . Registered customers can upload, like, as well as retweet tweets, but unregistered users can only check out those that are openly available. Users engage with Twitter via browser or mobile frontend software, or programmatically via its APIs. Before April 2020 solutions came through TEXT. The service is provided by Twitter, Inc., a company based in San Francisco, The Golden State, and also has even more than 25 workplaces around the world. Tweets were originally restricted to 140 characters, however the limitation was increased to 280 for non-CJK languages in November 2017. Sound as well as video tweets stay limited to 140 secs for the majority of accounts.
Twitter was produced by Jack Dorsey, Noah Glass, Biz Rock, and Evan Williams in March 2006 and released in July of that year. By 2012, even more than 100 million customers published 340 million tweets a day, as well as the service managed approximately 1.6 billion search queries per day. In 2013, it was just one of the ten most-visited web sites and also has actually been called the SMS of the Internet . As of Q1 2019, Twitter had even more than 330 million month-to-month energetic individuals. Twitter is a some-to-many microblogging service, considered that the vast majority of tweets are written by a little minority of users.

The Facebook Family has undergone the measles with the service disorder of colostrum. It was not just suspended the service. Facebook internal systems, such as security systems, internal schedules, and scheduling tools, have also been done.

The trials of Facebook were not only.

According to the US IT Professional Media Protocol, ( domain has come up to false notice that it came out for the sale. Jack City Twitter The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) was open to publicly inquiring the price.

I can not go to the office and e-mail … Domains are also available in a mouse

The initial service failure was started on the 4th, 11:40 am (below the US eastern time). After that, after six hours, Facebook is actually disappeared in the Internet world.

The first comment of the early Facebook in the early days of the situation was plain.

I know that some users are experiencing a problem to access our apps and products. It is striving to normalize as soon as possible. I am sorry for the inconvenience.

But the inner situation was more serious. According to the protocol, Facebook employees entered the office, and it was impossible to connect to email. In the end, Facebook employees had to make a meeting using other platforms such as zoom.

Facebook trials were blessed for competitive services such as Twitter. During the service failure, Twitter s traffic was explosively increased. It was because of the popularity of the squid game parody that was standing next to Facebook, Insta Gram, Watz app.

When the situation is more serious than I thought, the senior seats have a more senior apology message on Facebook.

Mike Shruper Permanent Technical Director (CTO) posted on Twitter on the afternoon, I sincerely apologize for all those who have been hit by Facebook service disabilities. Facebook has experienced humiliation on Twitter.

Should you stream on Facebook Gaming? (by the numbers)

He also said, We are now experiencing network failures. Several teams are working on as soon as possible to recover it as soon as possible.

The possibility of external attacks … BGP peering faulty feasibility

It is a big disorder as long as the curiosity of the accident is bigger. The protocol said that this service disorder was not due to external attacks. Single attack is not only Facebook as well as the instargram, Watts app, not to eat it at the same time.

Therefore, this accident is observed to have a lot of deficiencies in the service maintenance process.

In one time, This accident occurred because of BGP peers, writing. BGP is a large routing protocol used to communicate routing information between network domain AS (autonomous system).

However, this article was currently deleted and the protocol said.

Matthew Prince Cloud Fare The top executive (CEO) also gives weight to the possibility of BGP-side disability.

Mistakes during maintenance work, Facebook Internet Router (BGP) has been rejected on Twitter.

Cloud Flare was able to post the writing on the blog that the context was captured that the BGP update was captured just before the Facebook vacation.

Facebook accidents began to normalize a little from 5 pm on the afternoon. At 6 o clock, apps worked normal.

Mark That Cover The CEO has posted a announcements on his Facebook page immediately after service normalization.

Facebook, Sk, Watts App and Messenger just normalized, he said, I posted how much we rely on our services to connect with the people you like.