Com2us said, Summernamz: The Global E-Sports Competition of the Million War (below Million War) has released official promotional images ahead of the Million War World Championship 2021 (LWC 2021).

The LWC 2021 , which will be held at 5:00 pm on November 7, from 5:00 pm on November 7th, is the world s competition, which is the global tournament of the global power of the million war, You can enjoy it. Com2us has released official promotional images of various beneficial information on the expectations of global fans on the first World Championship of the Million War .

The video shows that the popular monsters of Million War appeared with dynamic music and have fun to see in a variety of figures that could not be seen in gameplay. In addition, we introduced the slogan The First , which introduces the meaning of the meaning of covering the total prize and the invitation world champion, and predicted the competition to spread the first world champion.

In particular, if the image was viewed in the latter half of the image, it has been released to the information of the special coupon that can be replaced with an item immediately in the game, and has led to the high response of the fans.

The LWC 2021 has been selected for the Mavking (Korea), Seifer (France), Kingolaf (Germany), HAPPY (Korea), , ParkByoungwoo (Korea), MonkeyDluffy (France), Grid (Thailand), and Godzo (Korea), and 8 people are played.

The pre-edition of this and wiring is in the form of online indefinitely, for the prevention of corona 19 infectious diseases, and it is scheduled to live in eight languages ​​around the world through a hundred years war e-sports official YouTube channels. The total winner of $ 20,000 (about $ 23 million in Korea), including a total of $ 30,000 (about W35 million won).

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More information on this LWC 2021 promotional video and competition is to be confirmed through the official homepage of Summer Nourner: Million War .