According to an exclusive published by the New York Times, the FIFA wants to bend the cost of its football license, which would reach the cost 1000 million dollars, a figure that EA Sports should pay every four years. Beyond money, the Federation also seeks to renegotiate some key points of their agreement, among which are limitations related to monetization and exceptions to the exclusivity of the license. As the article details, while FIFA is pushing to offer its license to other companies outside the industry, EA Sports wants to use the brand to remove alternative benefits , for example, with the sale of NFTS.

FIFA Delivers Major Blow To EA With Plans To Target EA's Monopoly On Football Video Games

Although at this time it is not yet known if EA will yield to the pressures of the Federation, among the limitations of monetization that are supposedly being negotiated are those related to the Ultimate Team mode and the envelopes of letters, which would put into a serious Impusing EA Sports earnings. For this reason, in addition to extending its contract with the Union of Football Professional Players, FIFPro, the company officially registered a new name for the franchise, which could be called EA Sports FC.

The current agreement between EA and FIFA does not end up to 2022, however, and due to marketing and development times, of not finally reaching a FIFA Agreement 2022 it could be the last title of the saga.