The Lapa entered Call of Duty during the gruse of gruse: Warzone and can definitely be made with the right essays to a frightening good SMG.

While there is no quickfire shredder such as Mac-10 and unfortunately has a fairly small standard magazine scavage, LAPA instead offers a decent recoil control and damage range. It is certainly suitable for highly qualified players, with decent damage numbers for neck and head shots. This means that the LAPA, if you go to the point aim, can achieve a faster time to kill statistics than most SMGs in the Warzone Meta at the moment.

Although it probably will not be so popular like a great Bullfrog Warzone PC player 24, the LAPA certainly awakens a lot of interest in super competitive players. After we have reviewed a number of possible fastening combinations, we believe that you have found the right one Best LAPA Facilities in Warzone Season 6.

LAPA Warzone Ladeout

Agency suppressor
Tiger team in the spotlight
Microflex LED
SAS Campfirting
StANAG 50 round

We believe this is the best LAPA build in the 6th season of Warzone, and he comes courtesy of JGOD, the most popular streamer for spreadsheets. This is a pretty normal build for a SMG like the LAPA, but this is definitely the best possible choice of attachments for your PC player 24.

How to Complete the Haunting Event in Warzone! (LAPA SMG Unlock in Warzone | Haunting Event Guide)
Frustrating, the IRTAVISE of LAPA are quite terrible, so that a mounting slot must be output for an optics. In this case, it is the regularly used Microflex LED. This means that there is no running attachment, which helps with the range and firing speed, but in this area, the LAPA is quite strong by default, so it should not feel as if compared to others are too much in the disadvantage of SMGS.

LAPA Warzone PC Player 24 Secondary

On the paper we liked the idea to have the LAPA as a sniper support option and to record it in a Swiss K31 Warzone PC Player 24. However, it is probably best for a traditional Ar- and SMG PC player 24.

Find some great builds for the top Ars of the 6th Season in our AK-47 Warzone PC Player 24- and XM4 Warzone PC Player 24 Guides.

LAPA Warzone PC player 24 perks and equipment

Here is our selection of the best perks and equipment options for this LAPA Warzone PC player 24.

For perks we would opt for Double Time, Overkill and Amped. This trio of advantages works perfectly for any Ar- and SMG PC player 24.

Stunning grenades are a great way to prevent enemies from shaking them, and help them to become aggressive in bumps. We would combine this with Semtex to achieve decent explosion damage, or maybe throw knives that are great to quickly get dragged opponents.

Try this LAPA Warzone PC player 24 in Season 6, and it could soon become your favorite SMG in the game.