In May of this year, Resident Evil Village appeared the latest offshoot of the popular Survival Horror series from Capcom.

If you have not played the horror adventure so far, CapCom will once again get an incentive to give Resident Evil Village a chance of CapCom. As the company announced, immediate effect returns the free demo. This can be downloaded from the PlayStation Store and offers you the opportunity to visit both the village of Resident Evil Village as well as the castle of Lady Dimitrescu.

The new adventure of Ethan Winters

In Resident Evil Village she slips once more in the role of the protagonist Ethan Winter known from Resident Evil 7 . Together with his wife Mia, he built a new life away from the nightmares of the past. But while they build a new life together, they are again hit by a tragedy when Chris Redfield appears on the scene and persecuted his own plans.

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A whole bid to new opponents who inhabit the mysterious village make tireless hunting for ethane and constantly throw him stones in the way, while he tries to make a rhyme on the nightmare that surrounds him, says the official description Further. The village is much more than a mysterious scene of horrible events to which it comes in the game. It is a very independent character full of secrets that uncover Ethan, and horror to whom he has to escape.

Resident Evil Village is available for the PC, the PlayStation 4, the PlayStation 5, the Xbox One and the Xbox Series X / S.

Lady Dimitrescu is waiting. ???? The Resident Evil Village Demo is Back Just in Time for Halloween! Play The Village and Castle Demo A Taste of Horror Now on PS4 and PS5:

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