The International Space Station (English International Space Station, short ISS, Russian Международная космическая станция (мкс), Meschdunarodnaja Cosmitscheskaja Stanzija (MKS)) is the largest and durable space station so far. First planned as a military station by the United States, it has been operated and developed since the beginning of its construction in 1998 in international cooperation of 16 states or 5 space agencies. It is the largest satellite in the Erdorbit and the largest human-made object in all. The cost of construction and operation amounted to more than 100 billion euros by 2018. The ISS circles in around 400 km altitude with a railway tendency of 51.6 ° in the eastern direction within about 93 minutes once around the earth. For perpendicular solar modules, it has a spatial expansion of about 109 m × 51 m × 73 m. Their mass is around 420 t. [Obsolete] Since November 2, 2000, the ISS is permanently inhabited by spacers.

Jez Corden of Windows Central and Jeff Grubb from Gamesbeat, two sources generally well informed when it comes to small secrets of Microsoft, report that Xbox Game Studios is driving a massively multiplayer game based on the cloud with the studio of Mainframe development.

PAX Dei , the project code name of this young studio founded in 2019 in Helsinki and Reykjavik, therefore would open the lane on the offensive that Microsoft seems to prepare in terms of cloud-based games, a technology supposed to open new possibilities for online games while being accessible on all devices that the Phil Spencer empire targets today (console, PC, Mobile), even if the game is supposed to adapt its mechanics according to the nature of the platform.

Bian that everyone in Pax dei can do anything on any device, some tasks will have more sense depending on where you play. So, if you are on your phone at work, you can open The game and quickly do crafts or resource exploitation. Then, when you come home on your PC or console, you can start in more complex missions, such as RAIDS , report Jeff Grubb.

Recall that Xbox Game Studios Publishing, who works with independent studios to shape exclusives, has recently recruited Kim Swift, Old Valve, Electronic Arts and Stadia, to explore the possibilities offered by the game based on the cloud. According to Jeff Grubb, Xbox would always be in negotiations with Hideo Kojima to produce a game that would also be part of the future ambassadors of this technology with which Microsoft, the global Emperor of the Cloud in the same way as Amazon, probably hopes to stand out competition.

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We do not know when the alliance between Xbox and mainframe. In March 2020, the Finnish studio established a list of partners in which the manufacturer was not yet figured. Riot Games is quoted among investors in the midst of some investment funds. In the spring of 2020, Mainframe still had only twenty employees but seems to have exceeded the 50 bar since and already had its intention to design a native mmo by the cloud and playable on any screen.