In Fortnite: Rage of the Dice Queen, you ll need to deploy seismographs in Misty Meadows or Catty Corner as part of the new Ghostbusters questline. Finishing all of these pursuits will certainly unlock you a big bounty of XP as well as an unique Ghostbusters back bling cosmetic product free of cost, but it all starts with these seismographs. Right here s where to deploy them in Fortnite.

Where To Deploy Seismographs In Fortnite – Misty Meadows

2 areas, Misty Meadows as well as Catty Corner, have 3 seismograph communications each, so you ll in theory just need to go to one location. Let s begin in Misty Meadows. You ll locate you can deploy seismographs in Misty Meadows at the complying with areas:

By the water fountain where the highway turns in the southwest corner
Beside the covered outdoor patio location on the west side of the bridge
By the small dock north of the bridge

Where To Deploy Seismographs In Fortnite – Catty Corner

Assuming you d rather begin in Catty Corner– or just need to round off the pursuit on a second try– you ll discover 3 even more seismograph locations. If all else is equivalent, Catty Corner s 3 quest-relevant places are actually much closer with each other as well as hence will certainly be faster to finish, yet bear in mind to represent enemy thickness as well as the storm circle s motion.

Within Catty Corner, you ll find you can position seismographs at the following areas:

By the back entrance of the car body shop
Beside the Reboot Van
Before the bounty board as well as airstream trailer to the north

You can see all 6 areas on this one map listed below.

As soon as you position three overall seismographs across the six feasible locations, you ll be onto the following component of the Ghostbusters questline as well as well on your way to earning the exclusive No Ghosts back bling. Then overtake every little thing else Wrath of the Cube Queen needs to use for the biggest Fortnitemares occasion ever.