This past week, Elyon transitioned right into their complete launch from their initial headstart that began on the 17th. As prevails with many Elyon launches, Elyon has not gone uninjured when it comes to web server troubles as well as bugs. In a message on their official information website, Elyon has actually attended to the lengthy lines and server lag that players in the EU are experiencing.

Currently that Elyon has gone the free to play route, anyone who is interested in hopping right into the video game now, can. In the EU, the influx of gamers has actually triggered tremendous lag as well as long queue times, which has currently been attended to by the development team. According to the statement, lag and also web server lines up are being checked out, as they try to figure out the most effective means to enhance the scenario. Up until now, they have impaired World Quests and RvR on all web servers till the 27th at the very the very least.

The declaration complies with a brief tweet launched late the previous day, where BlueHole Studios merely mentioned they would just suspend World Quests as the group works all the time to improve performance.

In order to curb the line times that EU gamers are likewise experiencing, Elyon will certainly release a 3rd server, called Perseus. They will certainly likewise close down new personality development on the Andromeda as well as Sagittarius servers temporarily, in an effort to make sure gamers that already have personalities on those servers, will not need to deal with any kind of increase of brand-new players attempting to hop right into the game.

Up until now, Elyon has seen a peak of almost 15 thousand simultaneous gamers in Steam, as detailed on steamdb. With a blended vapor evaluation score nearing around 50% positive, with several negative testimonials panning the games efficiency, BlueHole will have their job reduced out for them to make valuable adjustments as well as find their core target market.