Games, Gamers, and Gamers for Gamers. It is a gaming glasses that blocks various insufficient lights that occur on the monitor.

Japan s Glasses Manufacturer Jovo (Zoff) released a gaming glasses Jovap game through the official website of the 15th. This glasses, which have been disclosed with slogans , This eyeglasses that have created an environment that can focus on the game include a variety of functions that are specialized in gamers.

First, like most gaming goggles, the yellow light is blocked, and ultraviolet rays and blue light are also blocked. It is also possible to detachable the hood that blocks external light. Unlike general gaming goggles, unlike the lens, you can use it as a regular glasses except for the hood.


The basic material is plastic, and the color is 2 species of Wellington Black and Square Navy. By default, there is a lens with no frequency, but if you pay additional amount, you can order a lens that meets your eyesight.

Jump gaming glasses can be ordered in the official online store and sold at 8,800 yen (about 91,000 won for Hanwha). To order a lens for sight, an additional amount of 5,500 yen (about 57,000 won) is required.