Jerry Cantrell (born Jerry Fulton Cantrell Jr. March 18, 1966 in Tacoma, Pierce County, Washington) is a American musician, composer and singer. Founder of the Alice in Chains, for whom he composes, sings, writes the words and occupies the post of guitarist. He released two solo albums between 1998 and 2002 and played briefly with Ozzy Osbourne from 2004 to 2005. Cantrell also collaborated with groups such as Heart, Ozzy Osbourne, Metallica, Circus of Power, Metal Church, Gov t Mule, DamagePlan, Pearl Jam, The Cult, Stone Temple Pilots, Danzig, Glenn Hughes, Duff McKagan and Deftonses. In 2004, Guitar World magazine The 38th class in its ranking of the best metal guitarists. The same magazine three years later classifies her guitar solo of title man in the box at the 77th place of her 100 largest guitar solos. In 2006, the British Magazine Metal Hammer awarded him the title of Riff Lord .

If you ask yourself how robust is the new Nintendo Switch OLED , you are exactly right here. Especially if you really liked to try himself how much pressure, scratches and fire stands out, but your switch does not want to destroy. Luckily, there are Youtuber like Jerry Rig Everything, who do exactly that. Even if it almost hurts a bit, look at it.

Spoiler alarm: You should probably pack a display protection on the OLED model of the switch.

Switch OLED: Youtuber tests how robust the supplied display protection is

What is it? Nintendo has brought the switch again as an OLED model on the market. Overall, this is a bit more stable and of course has the OLED screen. This is a small protective layer that should not remove it is not removing: It serves as protection in front of the splinters of the underlying glass display.

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Switch OLED already has display protective film and Nintendo warns you to remove

But that is enough as a general protection before scratching? rather not. This now shows us Youtuber Jerry Rig Everything in an impressive and hard-sophisticated video. In it, he undergoes the swatch of an absolute hardet test that she is surprisingly well away. The little surprising result is: You should ideally pack an additional display protection on the splinter protection film.

That keeps the switch out: Amazing a lot. It is scratched in the video at a wide variety of places, which of course leaves traces. But for example, the previous vulnerability to the Joy-CONS is no longer very pleasing. At the bending test, the two controller parts do not break out and the middle section of the switch remains undamaged. However, you scratch on the screen, quickly remain clearly visible traces.

You very much the video when you have strong nerves:

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All in all, Jerry Rig Everything is pretty impressed by the quality and durability of the new switch. The improvements compared to the first model are clearly and clearly. It is more surprising that the OLED model of the Nintendo Switch costs only 50 US dollars more than it was the case with the first version four years ago.

Comparison of all Switch models: In this protection article we perform all differences between switch, Lite and OLED .

How robust is the new OLED switch before? Do you use an extra display protection?