According to sources of Windows Central, who are to be familiar with the Obsidian s plans, the first-person game Avowed will allegedly include several class styles and be inspired by the two-hand battle system of The Elder Scrolls Skyrim.

The players will be allegedly able to lead two weapons at the same time to use a combination of weapons and magic or unleash some of the strongest spells in the game with two-hand magic.

Windows Central wants to receive documents that show the game in a pre-alpha stage. Avowed is allegedly still in pre-production, but a functioning early version is just before completion.

Avowed is intended to contain Pillars of Eternity spells such as Jolting Touch, Fireball and Fetid Caress, various weapons enchants and potentially pillar-like pistols. Pillars creatures, such as Xaurips and Drakes, should also appear.

If The Outer WORLDS OBSIDIAN s implementation of a fallout-like game was, avowed is undoubtedly Obsidian implementation of The Elder Scrolls, writes Windows Central.

Although there should be clear similarities between Obsidian s game and the Bethesda franchise, AVOWED seems to be a lot of colorful and visually to remember the Outer Worlds, which was not visible in the advanced CGI revelation trailer of the title.

The protagonist of the game can allegedly swim and avowed should also contain some destructible areas.

Windows Central also claims that Bright Blade 2 should be shown by Ninja Theory at the Game Awards in December, but it is believed that there could be no avowed revelation during the event.

Here you can watch the Avowed Announcement Trailer from 2020: