It s hard to believe it, but it s true. Six days from the loose suggestion of the head of Little Orbit Studios, three days from the official announcement, Fallen Earth Classic was restored and made available to all players.

You can already download and normally play Fallen Earth Classic.

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Returning To Fallen Earth, Still Worth Playing? (2017 Gameplay)

Fallen Earth (Classic) is a full-fledged Orbit Studios post-PokoPocaliptic, which in this case works in the truest free-to-play model. Without Item Shop, no subscription, without any aggressive microtransaction.

Little Orbit Studios admitted that he does not want to make money on the classic version of the game, so it provides it without any restrictions.

Is 2156, and the world was destroyed by both nuclear and biochemical measures. Your story takes place in one of the few possible places in the world, a big canyon. As a maple with an uncertain past, your task is to survive in a world built on the destruction, betrayal and fractum allies.

Explore, collect and bet your rights to over 1000 kilometers of square raw and mysterious area. Consignment and non-linear gameplay allow you to play any figure. Join random dynamic events to gain resources and invade city, gain and maintain the city of progress, fight instances, take part in a rich history of faction or make a living, selling what you will get and create in a auction house.

Remember that the original premiere of Fallen Earth took place in 2009. Now we simply get a ticket to the past.