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The recruits are like chicks to take care of the heat from one. It is natural that it was a civilian until a while ago, and it was trained in a month, and suddenly arranged in the self. At that time, he can overcome Haha Hoho, even if you make any mistakes. However, after the adaptation period is over, it is called a adviser tube if the disappearance remains after removing the aka chick strap.

The reason for the torture tube is diverse. The words are dark, malfunctions that are not fit, or are not correct for groups, lack of abilities, or have a problem, or have a big accident, Anyway, if these soldiers are around, people around the others are ridiculous. Today, please set up a tube character in the game that I would not have come to my successor.

Top 5. M3 (Girl Wires), Do not eat, eat, do not eat, do not eat?

In some cases, but it is generally the case of the unit. It is a position to take the successor to the successor, and the main role in various work and training, and to fulfill the middle crosslinking role of the officer and the disease, and it is also possible to have a building hall according to the military number. What if such a part of the assembly is palace and timid, I have to be a soldier in the commander.

The above description is about M3 that appears on the girl s wire. I usually do it, but I am in the presence of a castor, and when I heard a reminder, I will turn around and turn on the eyes and turn on the eyes, and I will not be able to get a big accident if I left the bushing tactile doll. Even if you do not know what to do, even if you roll it, you should be normal to have the assembly… Do you mean to be tense?

TOP 4. Riiden (Catfish Sol 2), do you keep training with VR?

If you look at the amazing activity in the latest plays, it was not possible to imagine, but the young charismatic main character of the Metal Gear series was also the days of the Ledden. At the time of the first appearance, the Metal Gear Solid 2 was a new district, which was a freshly arranged vessel through VR training. He is a good thing to show off the power of youth, but it was not able to hide the unique appearance of unique to the new flut.

Even a person next to the skewers, a snake veteran, which shows the end of the experiencing the end of the season! In the end, the Metal Gear Solid 2 s Ryiden got a nickname called Bae Byeong, but in the subsequent subsequent members of the cyborg, the younger appearance of the time was an overwhelming being that could not be found. However, it must be a lot of hands that I have a lot of hands that I have a lot of things,

Metal Gear Solid | Training Like Solid Snake (Follow Along)
TOP 3. Ikawa Lumi (Metal Slug), Longest Why… No, how are you?

The Normal Caveman of the Metal Slug Series Akawa Lumi, a member of the National Intelligence Agency, is a dissemination of the game. He serves to carry a big bag than his body and to carry a role in delivering the supplies to the soldiers in the forefront. In the player s perspective, it appears when you need it, and after you needed a supplier, you can see that the appearance of Lumii (based on one basis) (1 standard) (1 standard) (1st standard), which is deducted and exited.

By the way, you will want to be a lover what you do from the position of the correlation. Lumi is a terrible orientation. If you send it to a friendly camp, you are wandering in a deep-handed place. He even arrived in the operational area of ​​the main character, which is the assault unit, which is the first time, but if it was compared to the Korean army, he sent it to the iron source, and it is a doubling place near Pyongyang Tin Palace. However, even though it is, he is an ironic that he has tremendous technology, and it is not absolutely or not.

TOP 2. Launch (Star 2), I sent a hell camp, but the rebellion does not disappear

Terran Authority provides two arrangements to their bastard criminals. It is a soldier that is a soldier who is finished with a death penalty or a municipalizing program, or a soldier who is loyed to the autonomous administration, or a soldier who is loyed to the Authority. Naturally, many of them look at the likelihood of freedom and choose the latter, and sometimes the reusability of the reusation comes out. There is no problem with the body, but it is a problem that there is a problem that can not be made in mentally, mental, and ingredients.

If you are a normal society, you have to get them into the departmental appropriatenators, but Terran Self-governing is a special educational team that reminds me of the Surgery, making the ice house. It is a place where only 10% of the remaining 10% are killed in the process of receiving human handling and receiving extreme training. These survived those who have been living here are the most dangerous and tempered operations, which are the most dangerous and harsh operations, and Nevertheless, they are still feeling against society. Even if you are familiar with the combat clothing, you also have a scammer Sam that escaped as soon as you are accustomed to the combat work. Is this a torturer,

TOP 1. Louis (Peak Min), Demonstration of Deals, Food Harmed, Try to Correlated… get out!

The Loi, which first appeared in Picmin 2 with the load of Captain Olima. Although not soldiers, the vertical relationships have boarded on a clear spacecraft, but the qualification of the torture is sufficient. Louis There is also a consultant with the property due to siktam unique, making it not overcome his appetites to eat away Golden Peak to Peak carrot becomes a matdae debt the company has only just begun.

It will continue even after incidents bunch whereabouts of Louis. He is such not it have brought everything food, not it take away extraneous items after eating all the fruits collected hard, eats up the circumference creatures… Accidents can literally hit due to siktam beats everything. Because he has no apparent toughness is also good, he s about to try to fragging act of graceful defeat forehead lift operates the giant Hercules eopeo spiders. Indeed the source of manak.