Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has recently completed its tour with the incorporation of Sora, the last character of the game. With the arrival of the Kingdom Hearts hero, a template that has received constant updates was completed for three years, so it is normal for its director, Masahiro Sakurai, wants to depart from the development of video games by a weather. Something to which he also adds nintendo leaving aside the idea of ​​continuing with the franchise.

I can not say with certainty that this is the end of SMASH Masahiro Sakurai This has expressed the same Sakurai in an interview with Famitsu, where he has revealed that he still does not think of a sequel for super Smash Bros. Ultimate. But, as it translates silicone, the creative can not affirm things with rotundity: I m not thinking about a sequel, I do not think about it all the time. However, I can not say with certainty this is the Final of Smash.


If the franchise will continue, I would have to talk to Nintendo and discuss whether Masahiro Sakurai can be successful or not, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is one of Nintendo Switch s most popular combat titles, by What is likely that the Japanese company does not want to leave this franchise ultimately. However, the workload has affected Sakurai to the point of parking the saga, because making a DLC was as difficult as developing a new game: I need to think if I really have to throw a smash or not, even if I have to do something I can disappoint users.

Sakurai is one of the key figures of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, so it would be hard to imagine a sequel without him. And, although the director makes clear at several points of the interview that he is not thinking about an upcoming game, he believes that the future of smash depends on him : I really do not see a path in which smash can be produced without my. However, Sakurai does not forget Nintendo, so it takes into account his role in the conversation : If the franchise will continue, I would have to talk to Nintendo and discuss whether it can succeed or not. I must think about this Topic seriously.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has earned the love of a good part of the community, because collaborations with other franchises and their fun online game have helped to stay as one of the most popular titles of Nintendo Switch. An idea that fans have wanted to express during the Sora presentation day with hundreds of publications accompanied by hashtag Thanks.