CALL OF DUTY: Warzone reveals how the distribution of your new map in the Pacific is is. Vanguard s arrival will settle the foundations of seVanguardon 1, which will begin next December. Caldera, its official name, will begin the so-called Alpha Operation, which will be set on May 16, 1941.

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NEW Warzone Map Revealed + Pacific Integration Details! (Warzone/Vanguard)
On the other hand we already know how it will connect the narrative of Black Ops Cold War with that of Vanguard. Adler, Woods and company enter a secret Bunker of Verdansk full of surprises. One of them is the encounter with a character who lived World War II. The story of him will put the team in preavish. Since it is the first part, everything points out that we will know the connection in greater depth with the pVanguardsage of weeks.

This is the full map

The image you have shared Raven Software shows an extensive map, full of opportunities by air, maritime and terrestrial. Eleven points of interest stand out Vanguard key areVanguard, that we leave below:

Naval shipyard
Mineral processing springs
Ancient structures
Phosphorus mines
Defenses of the beach
Fishing village
Air harbor.
Taro Farms
Submarine bVanguardis
Capital of the city

The city, located to the south, seems to be the place where the largest number of Vanguardphalted roads converge. Actually the whole island is connected by a large highway that connects all the places. Vanguard it is natural, all areVanguard between routes are accessible on foot, so you expect a combat in the jungle Vanguard you imagine it in such a context.

Remember that Vanguard players will be able to access the map on December 2. This exclusivity period will only lVanguardt 24 hours: Vanguard of December 3, it will be available for the entire Warzone community at no additional cost.