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Animal Crossing: New Horizons Fury these days, with self-distancing and staying at home and Covid-19. (Seriously, stay at home!) And why wouldn t it is? You can basically do everything you can not do in IRL, like going to the store, walk to people and chat with them less than 2 meters / 6 feet and fly to exotic destinations!

However, there is a big obstacle to start your animal Crossing: New Horizons away from home — Find the perfect name of the island. You do not want to create your new island and start your role for life as a contract with Tom Leaf without having a fabulous name that makes people want to visit your island and pick all the fruits of your trees.

Cog connected is here to help you! Here are some excellent strategies to get these synapses that pull in your brain and circulate these creative juices:

You have all heard about the same name of the strip-teaser, of which there are many variants. Here are some options you can try:

The name of your childhood pet and the first street in which you lived — my island would be called Cellular Hollywood. Fantasy and memorable.
Name of your mother s girl and elementary school where you went.
Your NAS number.

ISLAND NAMES you wish you knew before | Part 1 ► Animal Crossing New Horizons
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Sorry, virile brothers, let s face it. There are not many games as adorable as Animal Crossing. You plant flowers, decorate houses and send letters with beautiful gifts to your adorable neighbors. It s cute! Let s go! Corgi Puppy Island awaits you! How about Fluffy Kitten Cove? Unicorn Heaven? The possibilities are limitless!