Last weekend the AstroWorld Concert of Travis Scott was carried out, where sadly eight people lost their lives as a result of a human stampede. As a consequence of the above, Epic Games decided to eliminate your emote from Fortnite, but that was not all.

EPIC Even temporarily disabled the Daily section of the Item Shop of Fortnite, in which Skins rotations and other cosmetic objects are displayed regularly. It is believed that the mote of Scott was going to be included in the latest update.

Scott received a huge amount of reviews after what happened, since apparently, the actor noticed the accident, but anyway he decided to move forward with the show for 30 minutes until he stopped after having seen a fainted person between the assistants.

Fortnite Removes Travis Scott Emote After Astroworld Tragedy
Editor s note: In truth it is a tragedy what happened at this concert, and I think EPIC did the right thing to decide to eliminate this content from the game. Although many will surely argue that the ideal would have been to eliminate Scott completely, it is a whole legal problem doing something like that.