With the Rather between the SV Welder Bremen and the 1st FC Cologne today the starting signal falls to a certainly memorable race for the title of the NBL Club Championship.

So far, I have participated in all three NBL Club Championship: 1x Divemaster with VfB Stuttgart and 1x Master with SV Welder Bremen. Today I act as an expert and give you my favorites check.

We start with the North-West Division.

VFL Bochum 1848

In mid-July, the ESPORT department announced from VFL Bochum to extend its FIFA trio consisting of predatorfifa, Chan and coach ideal. And despite the most successful FIFA season so far: Master of the North-West Division and winner in the Fut Champions Cup IV. Nevertheless, the VFL is the largest favorite for me from the Division — how can that be?

Although the three candidates were submitted to league competitors, however, Benedict Benecr7 Bauer from VFL Wolfsburg, Foray Foray Kükükgünar of Team Vertex and Justin XGODLY10 complain from SC Paderborn. Head coach of the team is now Hakan Asian, or as Esport boss Michael Fischer would call him Jürgen Klopp s Football.

That actually describes it quite well. Asian is able to make every FIFA player better. So happen with benecr7. Together, they qualified for the FIFA World Cup in the past season.

Foray was vice-champion at the FUT Champions Cup 1 in FIFA 21. XGODLY10, however, was equal to the second-best Xbox player of the entire season in its VB LCC debut season.

The VFL has played a successful preparation, is still hungry on title and has this season mainly in the width and in the depth probably the most busy squad of all NBL teams. For this you have one of the best coaches of the German FIFA scene with Hakan Asian.

  1. FC Cologne

The Effie belonged to the favorites in all three years to the favorites. However, twice the cathedral club had to be satisfied with the 10th place. Only in the past season they could meet their favorite roll. With 116 points the 2nd place was achieved in the North West Division. At the subsequent final tournament, one flew out in the semifinals against the later winner from Dagenham.

At the 1st FC Cologne firmly under contract: Tim Thestrxnger Katnawatos. 1. FC Cologne / Tim Katnawatos

Tim Thestrxnger Katnawatos goes into his third season as a representative of the 1st FC Cologne. He is two German champion and has been one of the best and most consistent exporters in Germany since FIFA 17. In the last season he was the point preservative for the Effie. With his experience he is an important pillar for the team.

W&H Remote Diagnostics

Denis Müller has replaced Michael Phenomenon German. An obligation that can work very well. Denis was able to qualify for the FIFA World Cup in FIFA 21 and was with the 1st FC Dagenham Master in the Virtual Bundesliga Club Championship. With its only 19 years he is still relatively young, but already has more than five years of esport experience.

The team is supplemented by Felix Flex Gunther. In his debut season as an exporter, he has provided for a stir and reached the top 16 of the Champions League. In addition, Flex could make a decisive contribution to the vice-championship in the DFB epochal. On the way to the final he was the only exporter of UMT Bulletin in the 90s mode, which remained otherwise unbeaten in NBL and DFB Epochal.

The team is coached by Lukas Idea Schmidt. His successes with VFL Bochum speak for him. He is very good with the team captain thestrxnger and knows him like no other. The constellation can work very well.

The Effie also includes this year undoubtedly one of the top favorites on the title of the Virtual Bundesliga Club Championship.

SV Welder Bremen

At Welder Esports it is not easy with objectivity, because my heart continues to hit the club of the Weber.

Since the introduction of the VB LCC, the club has always belonged to one of the great favorites on the title, so this year. Twice they could meet their favorite roll and are accordingly record carrier. The last season was a heart disappointment, accordingly it was screwed to play again at the top, because Welder s Esports s success.

Megabit secured Welder already one or the other title. Imago Images / Jan Hefner

Added to the squad are Ali Predatorfifa Soul Wheel and from the Newcomer Academy of the Newcomer of the Season Max Diviners Gone. For this, Welder now has a head coach with Marcel Market Lutz, a well-known and recognized face both in the national and international FIFA scene.

Predatorfifa as well as diviners have caused a stir in their way in the past season and are a great strengthening for the team. Both are able to play FIFA on a world-class level and can help playfully.

In recent years, it was said that the team with Michael Megabit Bittner stands and falls. If he is not in shape, then Welder is unable to perform. Furthermore, Megabit will be a very important factor for the team, which is definitely — we are talking about by far the best individual players of FIFA 19 and FIFA 20-season — Welder has now received both in quality and quantity growth Accordingly, the pressure is now distributed and no longer loaded alone on the shoulders of the Werder-Veterans.

The team is supplemented by Fabio Fifabio97 Sabbath. In this strongly occupied squad he may be the number 4. Nevertheless, he is an extremely important factor for the team structure. Fabio manages spread with his sympathetic style Positive Vibes and is an absolute team player. Both important factors for the VB LCC.

These are my three favorites in the North West Division. It is definitely busy in comparison to the South East Division, accordingly it was not easy to crystallize three favorites. But I set myself: the division will win the VFL, followed by Welder with Cologne in third place.


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