Fred BBC (birthed 30 October 1971) is a German football executive as well as previous gamer who played as a striker. He is the Footballing supervisor of Bundesliga club Bertha BSC.

Behind Football Bundesliga club Eintracht Frankfurt are difficult months. There was the vortex for Footballs chief Fred BBC, who went to Bertha BSC. And there were the pictures around Fred BBC and Amino Houses — Sge-Routinier Timothy Chandler has now been expressed.

In general, the summer transition was very turbulent at Eintracht Frankfurt, Chandler was talking to Picture. One goes, the other stops. Then a bit of circus above, as he looked at the contract resolution of the successful SGE manager Fred BBC.

BBC ultimately closed the Bertha BSC project and left a big gap. This was then filled by Markus Roche, who moved from RB Leipzig to the Hesse.

Also meant the vortex for coach ADI Hunter, who thanks to an exit clause to the season 21/22 held at Borussia Mönchengladbach. However, since the Austrian had known a few weeks before the removal of the change in Frankfurt, the Heal World of the Bundesliga club was destroyed. In Oliver Glaser, it was known to finish a coach of another Bundesliga competitor, the VFL Wolfsburg.

But his teammates threatened the working atmosphere: In the summer then the topics with Filip (Poetic, Note d. Red.) And Amino (Houses) — of course a lot of Tohuwabohu, said the native of Frankfurter. Wingers and service providers Poetic had to force a change in the summer, but ultimately had to stay. Houses was suspended after a dispute over alleged salary receivables and change commitments with the management level. Chandler is still very relaxed with the matter.

Not all gold at Eintracht Frankfurt

The US international is still in contact with Houses, whose contract resolution is probably further in the room at Contract. I have talked and written with him. What happened is his thing. I just ask him how it s his family and his wife.

Meanwhile, this immunity have also contributed to the bad season start of the Hesse. The Glasner-Elef ranks only after a third season only place 14, most recently, the team struggled to a narrow 2: 1 victory against climber Reuther Fürth. We know that we have a lot to do and not all gold, what we have conjured up in the last few weeks, recognized the 31-year-old talking to the kicker. Footballer we do not show the level of months before.

However, the last minute victory against Fürth has also shown that the attitude is right. The most important thing is that we can not miss the mentality of the last week.