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What s new in the Skyrim Anniversary Edition? The Skyrim Anniversary Edition contains the Skyrim base game with its three extensions: Dawn guard, Hearth fire and Dragon born. But it also contains all the Creation Club LCS, which were published up to that time, as well as new creations added next to the anniversary edition.

This manual contains a list of all Creation Club LCS supplied with the Skyrim Anniversary Edition.

Skyrim Anniversary Edition: How to get the free Creation Club content

Once you ve purchased the Skyrim Anniversary Edition (you can buy them individually for $47.99 / $49.99 or upgrade from the Skyrim Special Edition for $14.99 / $14.99), you only have to start the game and then execute the following steps:

In the main menu, click Create Club.
Every creation should be displayed as owned
Go to purchased in the main menu of the Creation Club.
Choose Download all or download the creations you want to have in your game
Exit the Creation Club — Skyrim is restarted automatically
All Creation Club content installed by you will be displayed in your game next game

Skyrim Anniversary Edition: All contents of the Creation Club

Below is a list of all Creation Club LCS included in the Skyrim Anniversary Edition. There are new quests, items, enemies, weapons, armor, spells, player homes, game systems and more.

In the Skyrim Anniversary Edition, 74 Creation Club LCS are included.

Backpack of the adventurer

Alternative armor — Cedric Mail

Alternative Armor — Cedric Plate

Alternative armor — dragon plate

Alternative Armor — Dragon Scope

Alternative armor — dwarf armor

Alternative armor — dwarf plate

Alternative armor — ebony plate

Alternative armor — elf hunter

Alternative armor — iron

Alternative armor — leather

Alternative armor — Organ plate

Alternative armor — Irish Scaled

Alternative armor — silver

Alternative Armor — Stalhrim-Fell

Alternative armor — steel soldier

Arcane accessories

Arcane bow screw package

Weapons of chaos


Blood chill estate

Bone wolf

Bow of the shadows



Civil War Master

Twill catch & twilight catch

The fear of the dead man

Divine Crusaders

Dwarf armor of mud crab

Elite Branches

Advanced Arm wear Package


Skyrim Anniversary Edition Gameplay - Trying The New Creation Club Content!

Fearful fists


Forgotten seasons


Ghosts of the Tribunal


Gold brand

Hackmesser of the chief


Horse Move — Elves

Horse Machine — Steel

Men s mail


NCHUANTHUMZ: Zwergenheim

Necromancy Grimier

Fetch leather armor

Nix dog

Nordic jewelry

Pets of Skyrim

Pest of the dead

Rarely curious

Editor of the Red Artists

Edge of the ruin

Sacred & seducer

Saturnalia vacation package

Shadow Foot Sanctuary


knight armor conjure

Employees of HADOPI

Staff by Shogunate

note systems

Standards Hammer

Sunder & Wraith guard

Survival mode

The cause

The competition

The gray Food returns!

Tundra Hoop


Armor set of the waking-up

Wild horses

Will you play the Skyrim Anniversary Edition? What do you think of this Creation Club content? Start a new adventure in the comment area below.