Very. 2.0.1 Update data was delivered at software At sushi Animal Forest for Nintendo Switches.

In this update data, various defects have been made, including the gate problems in the airfield reported the other day. Paid Additional Content Happy Home Paradise has also corrected a defect such as a school bug. Details are as follows.

◆ Fixed a defect

With the gate of the airfield open, we have fixed a defect that could propose to the house of the islanders.

Kiki & Lara Stench fixed the defect that is Hibachi at the tank shopping.

Fixed a bug that Coconut Juice and Ice Candy not appear in the Komodo tab of the DIY recipe.

In the entrance of the full-populated home entrance or shooting studio, we fixed the bug that the display becomes strange when the Yuma who can be in love is pilled.

Some animals have fixed a bug that cooks outside your home kitchen.

Fixed a bug that I am visiting the player s home, who had a conversation as if I was in a coffee shop.

◆ Correction of faults about the additional content Happy Home Paradise

Fixed a defect that could advance the game first without making a school at the timing of creating school originally. In save data that is playing the game without making schools, save data restores the normal state in the following flow.

Events that make schools will be created while working on about 1 to 2 cases (timing when other events do not occur).

There is no event to create a school, but it would be possible to use the function to adjust the size of furniture and room that could be used when creating a school.

Fixed a defect that could cause an error if you try to use Amino by changing member members.

Fixed a defect that could receive Cub many times from the Katrina in Hospital.

Fixed a bug that Saga Key,, Tomato was held by getting a tomato.