Last October, we finally had a new Metro id game after several years without an original delivery. As expected, Dread became one of the most successful games in the series in regions such as Japan and the United Kingdom. Now, and as it is already a habit, The NPD Group has confirmed that this was also the case in the United States.

According to Mat Isabella, a member of the group dedicated to sharing information related to the sale of hardware and software in the United States, Metro id Dread was the third most sold in October in this country, and number one in Switch Along with this, the delivery achieved the highest launch sales of any other title of this franchise.

As if that were not enough, Sales in Dollars of Morbid Dread almost exceed by double to what generated by prime in the same period of time. Although Nintendo has not shared official data regarding the units of this delivery, information that we will surely see until the early next year, is sure that the most recent adventure of Camus either a success.

If you are interested in this delivery, you will gladly know that there is already a demo of metro id Dread available at the Shop of the Nintendo Switch. Similarly, it is likely that metro id prime 4 does not come out next year.

Editor s note:

Metroid Dread's first sales data is GREAT NEWS for the series! WOW!
These are good news for everyone. Like many other games in the switch, the new delivery of Metro id has the potential to become the most successful title of the series. Hopefully this means that the wait for the next Camus adventure is not so long.