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Update 9.66 has arrived for animals winter, and here is the complete list of changes and corrections added to this patch. Currently, Never winter offers a great action at which players receive 20 free managed lockboxes when they buy the enchanted keys keychain, so hurry up and uses this offer. The update brought with you some small optimizations, so that nothing has changed exceptional. PC players get another chance to claim some reroll tokens. So if you could not claim them, this is your chance. Everything is new with Never winter Update 9.66.

Never winter Update 9.66 Patches

Content and surroundings

Echos of the prophecy

The Battle Pass Introductory Quest A subtle curiosity of Echoes of Prophecy has been changed to receive a reward currency once per account.
The portal, which leads you between the scar strong and the jagged access, now supports the content of Echoes of Prophecy correctly.
The Respawn Timer of the Pest Stranded Should in Burning Road was reduced by 50% to facilitate the completion of the Quest s Echoes of Prophecy.

Fight and forces

Classes and balance

Bard: Certain buff songs are no longer stacking on themselves under certain conditions. This has caused a problem in which the song buffs can be displayed incorrectly; We examine this problem, but it does not have a gameplay effect.

Article and Economy


Masquerade The Liar: The maximum batch number of handful of enchanted bristles is now 25 (previously 20).

Reward Claims Agent

(PC clients only) Since some players could not claim the 25 reward repeating tokens between the 26th of October and 2 November, all players between this update and 23.

Zen market

From this update, unbind tokens can now be purchased on the ZEN market in the category Inventories in 10 or 100 packs.


Campaigns / adventure

An outdated activation condition for accessing the Fountain of the Dragon s Fountain has been updated.
The campaign icon no longer lit after all available rewards have been redeemed.


When opening a reward packet or locker no longer incorrectly displays a blank page, while another type of reward package is currently open.

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(Console Systems Only) When selling to a supplier, the cursor mark is again displayed.

Power and stability


A recently introduced crash in the inventory system has been fixed.

No content supplements were made in this update. Most changes have solved some problems in terms of the economy and the user interface of the game, but that does not mean that the update was useless. Many of the changes will make the game more enjoyable. The free bonuses get the players back to the title and experience it with their new items and well-deserved correction. If you have missed some updates, be sure to read our article about the update 9:52.

Never Winter is available for PS4, Xbox One and PC. For more information about this update in the official Never winter site.