The Nintendo Game cube (, Nintendo Gēmukyūbu, pronounced in English: [] is a video clip game console of the Japanese manufacturer Nintendo, leave in 2001(2002 in Europe), established in organization With IBM, NEC and also ATI. She was competing with the Sony PlayStation 2, Microsoft s Xbox and also Sega Dream cast, which together create the 6th generation computer game consoles.

Revolution board game - with Tom Vasel

Crew will launch a 23-day mobile basketball game Freestyle 2: Revolution. Freestyle 2: Revolution is a mobile game based on online game Freestyle 2, which has a streets basketball. The real-time 3-year-old support is supported, and has a basketball court and character customization. Proceed with a rotation reservation until the release, and provides a game item to the participant power. In addition, he predicted basketball animation Kursk basketball and collaboration. Freestyle 2: Revolution is a game that allows you to feel basketball culture in and out of the game, which is interested in basketball, said that if anyone is interested in basketball, said, I will prepare for many efforts to enjoy it.