You do not think Kenya will look like in the picture above.

Realm of the Mad God is a hardcore Kensei (with permanent death) maintained in 8-bit stylistics, so the local characters — also Kenya — present as follows.

And now seriously. Kenya will be 18. In a playable character in the game, which you will unlock after reaching 20 LVL to the Ninja class and 20 LVL class Trickster.

Kenya uses Katina and Heavy Armor, and his special skill is Sheath — jumping and cutting enemies from a short distance to maximally strengthen their combat efficacy.

Kenya is a Japanese honorary title awarded to a warrior with legendary skills in fencing. A literal translation of Kenya is a holy sword. Therefore, some believe that this term means a higher degree of excellence than more often used Kongo or Master of Sword

The new character is already on a test server. At the turn of November and December, he should hit the official version of Realm of the Mad God.

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