The Organization of Legends World Championship (commonly abbreviated as Worlds) is the yearly expert Organization of Legends world champion tournament hosted by Riot Games as well as is the end result of each season. Groups compete for the champ title, the 70-pound (32-kilogram) Summoner s Mug, and also a multi-million-dollar championship reward. In 2018, the final was enjoyed by 99.6 million individuals, breaking 2017 s last s viewer document. The competition has been commended for its ritualistic performances, while receiving interest worldwide due to its dramatic and psychological nature. The League of Legends World Championships has obtained tremendous success and appeal, making it amongst the world s most distinguished and watched events, as well as the most watched computer game worldwide. As a result of its success, esports scenes became famous and commonly viewed as a possible Olympics event, already being included as a medal occasion in the 2022 Oriental Games. The tournament rotates its locations throughout different significant nations as well as regions annually. South Korea s T1 is one of the most effective group in the tournament s background, having won 3 globe championships.

[Data provided: Riot Games]

Worlds 2021 Show Open Presented by Mastercard: Imagine Dragons, JID, Denzel Curry, Bea Miller, PVRIS

Lee Hong — I — Choir Yeong-jeong 12 days

Viewers and , will be a promising link

The first pro gamer audition… 14th night at 12:15 am SBS First room

Riot Games released a 12-day representative runner of Global K-entertainment SBS, the first major National E-Sports Audition, Rolls Next 2021 s production announcement video.

In the 11-minute set of Rolls Next 2021 video, FT Island Lee Hodgkin and Waikiki Choir Yo-jong, SBS Lee Walk announcer attended, and MCs were apparent to the form of MCs, responded to Rolls Next 2021.

(Lol) (Lol) (Lol) (Lol) began to be serviced from Korea, I am enjoying the so far, If the Celebrity Rind Cup is opened, it will focus on preparing for the competition, I also said that I have to change it.

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Choir Yew Jung, who recently launched , said that is difficult to start after being a rumor that it was difficult to start, and the acquaintances began to late for the appointment, he said, I am in love with so I play until the bird cries, he said.

Lee Honing said, If you have already begun to shoot, you can feel the charm of players than last year, Rolls Next can feel the charm of the athletes than last year, Reality is alive because it is a way to announce their own and persuade his colleagues.

Choir Yew Jung is a program that finds the next generation star player called Second Paper, but it is fun to feel that the drama is hidden in the process, and , , I have emphasized it.

Lee Hodgkin, Choir Yo-jong, and Lee, who are in charge of the MC of Rolls Thick 2021, said, I would like to see how great the e-sports, how great the e-sports, and how much the applicants have challenged and have a challenge to be a sports player..

On the 14th night of 14:15, the first time, Rolls Next 2021, Rolls Next 2021, Rolls Next 2021, Roll The Next 2021, Roll The Next 2021, said SBS. In the corner of the story on the tail on the tail on the tail, Seung Leon Casters announced the testimony of this program as the host of Rolls Next as the host of the Rolls Next and introduces the game and e-sports called .

Albion King Yong won the illness when winning the World Championship and the Paper and the story of the fading, the story, and the prospects that he wanted to give to their parents. The use of the LOL called ARI and Sandra said that the use of the champion of the champion said the experience and impression at the time of recording.