StatsBomb Conference 2021: Mladen Sormaz
From now on, the BVB has been committed to using the event data from Stats bomb (…) and IQ analysis software in all areas of the club, including its performance, opponent and recruitment analyzes.

For the BVB and the coaching team around Marco Rose, there are so new possibilities. We have the ambition to implement the best possible and innovative solutions in our daily work, explains Kai-Norman Schulz, Head of Sport Technologies at the Bundesliga club. We are therefore pleased to work with Stats bomb, a company that develops a very interesting event data approach and provides us in various ways. We look forward to a hopefully successful cooperation.

Ismail Taxi, Head of Business Development at Stats bomb, is also looking forward to the partnership with a most prestigious and best guided clubs in Europe. Borussia Dortmund has a long tradition in intelligent way of working, and we are pleased to accompany you on this way, By offering you access to the best available data and analysis tools.

StatsBomb was founded in 2016 by Ted Knudsen and is today according to its own statement the world s fastest growing company for football data.