Once Call of Duty 4: MODERN WARFARE has been reported in overseas media that the Credit of the person involved in the design of the Layout NOM4D for people with disabilities for people with disabilities was published in 2021 increase.

Randy Fitzgerald is a video game tester and streamer with disabilities in the body that lives in Rochester NY. Once Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare has been involved in the design of the controller layout NOM4D for people with disabilities, NOM4D layout continues to be used without their names that should be promised. Despite that, it was not possible to find all the COD series released after that.

Joint Constructing Fitzgerald, who has problems with gameplay, involved in the launch of controller layout for gamers with disabilities, and the layout developed based on his ideas and feedback is a handle name It is said that NOM4D is named. Despite promising that the INFINITY WARD developed by the developer also has a name, the Studio and Activision were confronted after COD 4, and most of the developers have not realized a removal increase.


However, at 2021, the latest work Call of Duty: Vanguard after 15 years is finally his name. Development of NOM4D Raven Software involved in the development of Call of Duty series interested in History is that his Fitzgerald was felt, and a promise was finally fulfilled.

Twitter also posted a comment of joy, Mr. Fitzgerald, and it is expected that more players will be able to touch the game and more players will be touched with the game.