Moon: Remix RPG Adventure - Review Switch [What is this acclaimed Anti-RPG all about?]
Onion Games has announced the release date of Moon at PlayStation 4 and 5: It will be December 16, after having passed through Switch and Steam.

We knew that he had to be released at PlayStation, the console family where he was born in 1997: originally developed for PSX, this anti-RPG did not come out of Japan and became a cult classic. Its creators, the Love-de-Lic study, came from making much more traditional games in SquareS oft; It is better understood as the type of subversion that Moon proposes, in which you do not advance fighting but accumulating love.

It is a very interesting game even if it is not especially fun, and its influence can be seen, for example, in Undertake, a game for which Toby Fox noticed what they were trying to make games like this or Earthbound. For a long time, Moon was one of those games whose legend grows more precisely because it is almost inaccessible; In mid-2020, however, the game was finally published outside Japan, translated into English and published by Onion Games, the new team formed by the people of Love-de-Lic.

Onion Games, on the other hand, is still active; His last game, Mon Amour, left a few months ago and is a kind of Angry Birds clone in which we must reach the love of our life be swashing along the way to everything that is put in front of us.

The trailer of the version for Switch, the first modern relaunch of Moon, is still a good starting point to understand what this curious game is going; You can see it down here.