Chum bi Valley is a forthcoming role-playing, Play-to-Earn (P2E) game. The game will certainly be usable on PC, MAC, Android, and also later in iPhone. It is based on Polygon Network due to its deal rate and also reduced costs.

All in-game things and also creatures are digital possessions (NFTs), influenced by standards like Zelda, Star dew Valley, and Pokémon.

Players will certainly spawn in a mythical forest and invest their time increasing creatures called Chum bi. The gamers and Chump will interact to get cryptocurrency benefits with actions like farming, battling, discovering, as well as extra.

What is a Chum bi?.

Crumbles are animals that stay in a strange forest valley as well as usage magical spells to secure and also preserve it.

Every gamer starting the game will be coupled with an Ancestor Chum bi to begin. This individual Chum bi is not an NFT and can not be marketed or traded.

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Chum bi Can Degree Up.

Chum bi are animals that can level up and raise the reward possibility.

In order to level up your Chum bi, you need to fight against various other instructors or deal with a wild cursed Chum bi.

Chum bi Spells.

You can send your Chum bi to the Chum bi Sage to raise as well as learn new spells. This will certainly allow it to collect beneficial in-game crypto resources, even if you are offline.

Chum bi Joy.

Chum bi joy is essential because it opens higher laying incentive APY when it is assigned to the Shrine of Granting. To increase its joy level, you need to feed it its favored food, which occasionally the products may be rare.

Chum bi Body Components.

Each Chum bi has different parts, and all are NFTs.

The components are kind, coat, ears, horns, eyes, mouth, as well as pattern.

The crucial parts are Main Kind and Coat Type. With ten coat variants in every fifteen main kinds, you can quickly make distinct and various Chum bi in enhancement to the other body components.


You can breed any Chum bi together. By breeding suitable Crumbles, you will certainly have the opportunity to develop a higher-tier type.

There are 4 different tiers. The most effective is 4, and it only includes one Chum bi kind called deep space.

Chumbi Valley NFT Game Update! (Free-To-Play Play-To-Earn Crypto Game)
Chum bi Battle & Techniques.

Each Chum bi has 2 strike moves, two effect steps, as well as a capacity.

The initial strike action is based upon Chum bi s kind, and also the 2nd on coat type. At the exact same time, the result moves are based on the other body components.

Whenever you win a fight, you ll be granted XP that you can make use of to level up your Chum bi. Yet when each time the level increases by 5, it will need to eat a Candied Apple to progress to the next level. Candied Apples can be crafted by incorporating Lucky Stars and apples.

Fortunate Stars can be made by beating Cursed Chum bi, a creature that is tranquil but cursed from the dark forest.


Forest House.

Awaken in an enjoyable woodland and satisfy your initial Chum bi. Work together and also broaden your group with more Chump. Unitedly gather sources to craft precious NFT items to live in as well as construct a house.


You can trigger an ancient portal and also explore arbitrary surfaces with your Chum bi team. In these random surfaces, you can locate rare NFT products and find menstruation Chum bi. Climate as well as season will certainly give a good vibe as well as a reason to discover happily.


Unusual forest seeds can be found for you to start a ranch or various other usages. Crops are also in-game electronic properties and also will need to be sprinkled regularly and expand in blockchain time. Plus, crops are useful products to develop Chum bi s favored food.

Offline Rewards.

Sending your Chum bi to the Chum bi Sage will profit you by discovering how to instantly sprinkle plants, slice timber, catch fish, gather stones, as well as extra passive abilities. That indicates your Chum bi will automatically gather valuable in-game tokenized sources, even when you are offline.

Chump Cultivating.

Scholarships are additionally a point in Chum bi Valley. You can lease your priceless Chum bi to other players as well as play with it. Certainly, you will certainly obtain a percent whenever the other gamer wins with your Chum bi. Terrific information for service minds.

Chum bi Village.

Chum bi Village will feature NFT based stories that gamers can acquire as an NFT. Having a home suggests you can personalize it, sell it, and also obtain access to special events such as capturing wild Chum bi and combating together in raids versus giant cursed Chum bi.

Play-to-Earn Mechanics.

There are a lot of methods to gain in Chum bi Valley. Some may concentrate on battles, a few others on farming. You can choose any way you want.

The methods are:.

Battle Cursed Chum bi & Other Players.
Ranch & Offer Woodland Plants.
Offline Benefits from Chum bi Spells.
Craft as well as Sell Rare NFT products.
Check Out to Discover Uncommon NFT things.
Total In-Game Quests.
Breed Uncommon Chum bi.
Chum bi Marketplace.
Chum bi Fostering.
Powerful Recommendation System.
Get and also Sell Village Land Plots.
Chum bi Token Staking Rewards.
Temple of Offering Rewards.
Chum bi Treasury Benefits.

Temple of Giving.

Chum bi Valley will include a fully gamified, high-APY, in-game COMB laying user interface called Shrine of Giving..

There you can lock your things and Chump as well as your COMB tokens lowering the circulating supply as well as getting COMB symbols and NFT items as incentives for doing so. Assigning Chum bi with maxed joy degree will certainly become a highly treasured NFT.


The online market will certainly offer enjoyment to the players and also a reason to play on a regular basis by benefiting from selling every electronic property there.

There you can purchase, sell, and profession: Chum bi, resources, cosmetics, game things, land stories, plants, and a lot more.

There will certainly also be a Wandering Trader that can be discovered around your woodland residence. Every day different things will be received his store as well as some may be uncommon and also limited in quantity NFTs.

He will certainly market:.

Useful Items.
Chum bi Cosmetics.
Gamer Cosmetics.
Decorative Items and more.

He will trade:.

Lucky Stars in exchange for Plants and Resources.

Chum bi Valley Genomics.

$ COMB Token.

Chum bi Token ($ COMB) will certainly come to be deflationary and will award gamers that maintain it. With that said, they will achieve cost growth this way:.

COMB will be called for as the main in-game money. It can be utilized to buy new Chum bi, pay for reproducing costs, Sage charges, Marketplace Purchases, and a lot more. Furthermore, the Chum bi Treasury will purchase and also shed the token to succeed on Rate Development s main objective.
Owners of COMB will have the chance to join the video game s future direction, slowly developing its means to a fully decentralized game.
COMB will ultimately present holders with laying rewards when locked in the Shrine of Giving. As owners secure their COMB, they will decrease the flowing supply and also be awarded with additional COMB based upon their Chum bi s joy degree.


Lucky Stars (LISTS) is Chum bi s Valley second token to encourage the Play-to-Earn reward system. The token will certainly have an unlimited supply but will be needed to be melted for 4 technicians to make the token a valued product as it is required to develop new Chum bi and to boost them.

The four technicians are:.


You can earn $LSTS by PVP or Eve with cursed Chamber.

Likewise, discovering, quests, farming, and all these attributes will certainly award you with the token, while the Chum bi Valley team will make sure that an optimum equilibrium is preserved between supply as well as need.

NFT, Token, and also Land Sales.

Chum bi NFT Presale (Early December 2021).

The first 4,096 Chum bi NFTs generated will end up being the rarest of all. They will certainly be understood as Seed Chum bi with special body components, reduced ID numbers, and much more. The proprietors of Seed Chum bi will certainly get added airdrops as well as access to VIP occasions such as pre-launch breeding, beta gameplay, as well as far more.

Chum bi Token Airdrop (December 2021).

Chum bi Valley will certainly not be holding an DO. Rather, $4,800,000CHMB symbols will be airdropped to our community as a present. After the airdrop, COMB symbols can be traded from Decentralized Exchanges. The day is yet unidentified.

Chum bi Village Presale (Not Yet Recognized).

Land stories in Chum bi Village will certainly be sold to early-bird area members. These NFT buildings will be found in prime locations of Chum bi Village and also will likewise include exclusive land products as well as various other benefits.